Today, there are 30 urban Indigenous coalitions in Canada.

Coalitions vary in size and capacity – some active in communities for more than a decade, and others just getting started. Each coalition connects with organizations and agencies from in and around their communities.

Urban Indigenous coalitions fulfill the need for accurate and shared information, collectivizing our interests, and advancing representation. They build and contribute towards a knowledge base that lends to a greater understanding of Indigenous-led strategies and practices, as well as how to identify emerging challenges and the structural gaps in governmental and stakeholder relationships.

Urban Indigenous coalitions also identify innovative opportunities and core function areas that a national network – like NUICC – can support in a broader way, such as communications, community consultation, knowledge and capacity-building, and advocacy.

Directory of coalitions across Canada

Coalition memberships range from 5 to 50+ organisations, and include organizations that service urban Indigenous Peoples. Our affiliates range from frontline service providers, local government advisory committees and councils, Friendship Centres and other Indigenous and non-Indigenous organizations and institutions from health units, school districts, and municipalities, to local host First Nations, Inuit and Métis.
Whitehorse, YK
Yellowknife, NWT
Pangnirtung, NV
Pangnirtung Community Services Coalition
Cambridge Bay, NV

Cambridge Bay Healthy Living Coalition

(867) 983-4650


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