“Coast to Coast to Coast” National Indigenous Peoples Day Event on June 21

For National Indigenous People’s Day on June 21st, 2022, NUICC is inviting our community to watch our simulcast event connecting urban Indigenous people from “coast to coast to coast”! We kick off in Halifax with the soundtrack to the famous powwow step facing the Atlantic Ocean, and we end the night on a native hip hop boat cruise in the Salish Sea off Vancouver. We’re inviting you to have your coalition and events included in the broadcast!  Throughout the show we will be packing in artists and stories from across the country including dropping in to coalition events in many cities. Invite us to your event and we can share your work across Canada! 

NUICC is launching the premiere issue of our new national urban Indigenous journal under the banner ‘Stories Have Always Been Our Governance’. Our NUICC street teams will be in several cities handing out the 56-page magazine, and giving away prizes and swag to celebrate our communities! 

We have designed the June 21 national broadcast spanning across 5 time zones because we want to celebrate what unites us as coalitions in 32 cities. We will travel from Whitehorse to The Pas, St John’s to Victoria highlighting activities of coalitions across the country. If you and your coalition are interested in having your event, organisation and work as part of our national broadcast, let us know what you are up to in this June 21 programming survey.